September 11, 2003


If you're not interested in (mostly) American symbols of patriotism and remembrance of this day, then please scroll past this message. For those who are still reading, below is a collection of 31 different images relating to 9/11, celebrating 'western' values and the American spirit. There are at least a couple that could be described as international in nature.

If you'd like to put one of these on your blog or website, go for it. In fact, I encourage it*. Tell your friends too.

The images are in the extended entry, click it to see them.

* I'm the collector only, none of these images are mine. Some are copyrighted, and should be used unaltered except for size.

Flags and Allies 1

Flags and Allies 2

One Nation


Citizen Medal

Flag and WTC

Home of the Brave

Flags of those who died

Christian & flag

Small flag button

God Bless America

Hug a Veteran

I Am An American

Black square version of the image on the right

reversed version of the image on the right

Lady Liberty

Love U.S.A. Flag

Paper dolls

Patriotic M&M's

WTC inside Pentagon


Proud American

Remember WTC



Spirit of America

U.S.A. Heart


Texas style

We are all one

Never forget

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