September 17, 2003

Just a couple of things

Before I try to get to sleep.

I saw Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring today for the first time. I've been holding off because I wanted to see them all at one time. Damn, it was goooood.

I also saw Fast and the Furious this week for the first time. A lot better than I expected.

The federal government in Washington DC announced it would be closed tomorrow. This kinda sucks because my policy is that if I take a day off, it's my leave. If Uncle Sam takes a day, I charge them 8 hours regular time (like for blizzards, etc). I've already let everyone know that I was taking the rest of this week off sick, dammit.

My wife has to work until noon tomorrow. Dammit.

We have a parking spot right in front of our townhouse that we usually use. My new neighbor is a nitwit, and has been bitching about us monopolizing that space. Tonight it was open so he gleefully pulled in and made a big deal about getting 'our' space. When it rains hard tomorrow, that space will flood, probably high enough to flood the inside of his POS. Dumbass. I made sure there are fresh batteries in the cameras, because I want to take pictures of him trying to save his raft.


Posted by Ted at September 17, 2003 10:55 PM
Category: Square Pegs

Hey...I just wanted to let ya know I'm thinking about you guys. I hope you're all okay. It's just starting to get a little windy here. They say the worst of it is going to be to the west. We're supposed to get lotsa wind and only 2-4" of rain. And that's not supposed to get too nasty til late tonight.

Post when ya can so I'll know you're okay, okay?
Be careful.

Posted by: Stevie at September 18, 2003 06:01 AM
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