October 11, 2003

What is wrong with me?

Be nice, I know what you're thinking. :)

A while back I spent a week thrashed by an infection that started with a broken molar. Well, today I'm starting the sequel. I've been trying to wait until after the new year to get some dental work taken care of, but it looks like I'm going to need another tooth pulled and another round of heavy-duty antibiotics ASAP. This time it's on the other side of my mouth, and it's a tooth that hasn't bothered me before, although the dentist agreed that it needs to come out. It started to hurt pretty good yesterday, and this morning the swelling has started. I'll be calling the dentist in a little bit for an appointment and (most importantly) drugs.

This is two three-day weekends in a row that this has happened. I'm a creature of habit, but this is getting ridiculous.

Posted by Ted at October 11, 2003 08:24 AM
Category: Square Pegs

If your Dentist says it HAS to come out (because he's dental "G.P."), and you'd rather not lose it, see an endodontist and get a root canal. It costs more than a pull, but if it's a tooth you'd like to keep for chewin's sake, you can save it with a r.c. and a filling.

Posted by: Tuning Spork at October 11, 2003 07:52 PM

btw, if you've gotta get through a few days with a toothache I recommend taking 2 Aleve tablets. Awesome relief!!

Posted by: Tuning Spork at October 11, 2003 07:54 PM

Thanks for the advice. After the first of the year I get some bridgework done, and this tooth absolutely has to go. It's just getting done now instead of in January.

I pick up my antibiotics tomorrow, right now I'm on mega-doses of Ibuprofen, and monday I'll get to see the dentist.

Posted by: Ted at October 11, 2003 09:00 PM
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