October 21, 2003

Musical tastes

Oldest daughter forgot one of her CD's when she went away to college. I threw it in my case so it didn't get scratched up, and it's been sitting there for a couple of months now. Today at work I popped it into my little boom box.

Robyn, I mean this in the most loving way possible: you have rotten taste in music.

Posted by Ted at October 21, 2003 08:06 AM
Category: Family matters

Which CD is it? I want to know if I should evicerate your poor taste in music on my blog.

Posted by: Kin at October 21, 2003 11:21 AM

She put this one together herself. I recognize about half the songs from CD's I own. I assume the rest come from the crap she listens to.

Posted by: Ted at October 21, 2003 12:53 PM

Okay, I don't make fun of your music, you shouldn't make fun of mine...besides, I am eclectic...(that and I don't remember what CD you are talking about)...
you know you love me anyways:)

Posted by: Robyn at October 21, 2003 01:43 PM
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