November 26, 2003

New Ad Campaign from NORML

The top 15 Slogans for Legalized Marijuana

15) Got Buzz?
14) Pot: When you care Enough Not to Care At All.
13) A Day Without Pot is like School
12) Weed My Lips!
11) Hemp: the World's Practical Solution to making, like, paper and rope and necklaces and stuff.
10) It's Not Just For Glaucoma anymore!
9) Help eradicate Road Rage in our Lifetime
8) Official Sponsor of the NBA
7) Because the waste is a terrible thing to min....Dude! I totally fucked that up!!
6) When Was the Last Time You REALLY looked at your hand.
5) SMOKE POT! ( Did We Just Say That Out Loud? Or Did We Just Think It?)
4) Recommended by 5 out of 5 deadheads
3) Just Doob It
2) It's the all-the-time smokey, skunky, sticky, greeny, seedy, stemmy, doobie so-you-can-get-high medicine.

And the Number 1 Slogan for Legalized Marijuana.....

1) Skull shaped bong: $12.00, Primo Maui-Grown Bud: $100, Watching Teletubbies with your Buddies: PRICELESS

UPDATE: It has been pointed out that this list is in fact copyrighted from Topfive. I went to the site and looked and it is indeed, although their are minor differences. Go visit their site and enjoy their humor, but don't steal it and email it to all your friends like some nitwit did to me. Here's hoping that this link will make things right. Thanks to Brian J. for pointing this out.

Posted by Ted at November 26, 2003 07:12 AM
Category: Square Pegs

How about: Dude...we forgot our campaign slogan.

Posted by: Kurt at November 26, 2003 05:30 PM

Man that's funny.

Reminds me of my college years.

Well, what I can remember of them anyway.

Posted by: The Meatriarchy at November 27, 2003 07:23 AM

Hey, this is a humor list protected by copyright.

It's the Top 5 List from Dec 14, 1999.

You should contact Chris White, the owner, and beg for his mercy.

Posted by: Brian J. at November 27, 2003 08:44 AM
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