December 06, 2003

Chinese Space Program site

Pure propaganda, but interesting.

Posted by Ted at December 6, 2003 09:44 PM
Category: Space Program

I believe that there should be one global space program (to help it move along quicker) However, it should be noted that if any country needs a space program, it's China.

When one and one half billion people live in an area the size of the US, and when they have to commit genocide against the Tibetans in order to resettle the Han population, I say it's about time to resettle the same Han Population onto the Moon.

Not only China, but also India, Bangladesh, Madagascar, the United States etc need to resettle their collective populaces outside the Earth for the sake of environmental recovery.

People need to settle on the Moon etc As Soon As is Possible. There are way too many people on the Earth and for each person born (especially to the wealthy) our resources are strained more and more and our environment is further decimated. It would be best if ALL the people on planet Earth left for space, save for a few indigenous peoples. That would give the Earth time to repair it's self.

Eventually all the cities towns and villages lying along the great coastal plains will have to build protective domes around them (as the ice caps melt and sea levels rise). The Space program may very well supply this technology.

The given link shows all the eco-regions and how, why, and to what extent they are being threatened.

Posted by: One of 6.3 Billion People at January 19, 2004 04:47 PM
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