December 14, 2003


Beats standing out in the freezing rain any day.

I knew something bothered me while watching the Two Towers. Thanks to Johno of The Ministry, I now know that it was the quirky editing. Here's the original, with all scenes restored as it was meant to be seen.

And since we're feeling middle-earthish, enjoy some Gollum rap. Thanks to Sekimori, via Tiger, for the pointer to this one.

LeeAnn posted this one, and I suspect that I'm the last person on the internet to have seen it, but in the interest of linking all things silly: Virtual Bubble Wrap.

Oh yeah, new tagline over on the right. And nobody even noticed. Just like a guy.

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Had to link this...

Posted by: Wince and Nod at December 17, 2003 07:17 PM
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