January 18, 2004

Two questions about the AFC Championship Game

1. What in the world is that logo along either sideline of the Patriots field? It's a subdued gray-blue and looks like a stylized volcano or hands reaching up. Any idea?

2. Could someone in the New England area please Please PLEASE wait at the airport and kill make mute Phil Simms before he can broadcast again? If killing is too extreme, I'd settle for removal of his vocal cords. By the fourth quarter the play-by-play guy (Gumbel) has to fight to get a word in edgewise as Simms rambles on and on and on.

Update: Hmmm, Tiger brings up a good point. In today's world, hyperbole isn't always acceptable. So for the record, I don't advocate the actual murder of anyone, even someone as annoying as Phil Simms (or Chris Collinsworth for that matter). It was a rant, ok? Anti-Nike: Don't do it.

Posted by Ted at January 18, 2004 05:52 PM | TrackBack

Simms should die, but it was a glorious game, was it not? I'm picking New England to win the big one.

Posted by: Punch Buggy at January 18, 2004 08:17 PM

Mmmm, Troy Aikman.

Huh? What?

Posted by: Jennifer at January 18, 2004 09:24 PM

Ted - I was trying to figure out what that thing was also along the sidelines. Still don't know. It just seemed weird. Plus, did they paint the field like 15 minutes before the game? It kept rubbing off on all of the players. I thought the old school Falcons had come back by the end of the game.

Posted by: Daniel at January 19, 2004 08:34 AM

CBS coverage just freakin' bites.

After the safety, coming back from commercial, we are treated with a wide-angle shot from the top of the stadium.
Not a problem in & of itself, it's just that this is the vantage point from which we view the free kick.
Then, about 2 seconds into the next play, we finally get back to the standard view for plays.
Then I notice that the extraneous info displays are gone. Clean screen. No score, no down/to go info, nothing.
ZAP! Now it's there.
ZAP! It's gone.
ZAP! It's there again.

Later, Gumbel says something about them also being broadcast on radio, and I started to think how much it must suck for people to be in their cars and having to listen to these idiots.
Gumbel: ball snapped. run. 3 yards.
Simms: yadda, yadda, yadda.

Then, these two acknowledge that they are so into the game that they didn't notice it had stopped snowing!

The WORST thing of all, is that these two IDIOTS are going to be calling the SUPER BOWL!

Posted by: Rob at January 19, 2004 10:44 AM
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