February 23, 2004


For our wonderful new work system, I'm having to learn more than the barest smattering of SQL I know. Any advice on some good books or website resources?

Posted by Ted at February 23, 2004 07:11 AM
Category: SciTech

Tylenol. Lots of Tylenol.

Posted by: Stephen Macklin at February 23, 2004 10:27 AM

Joe Celko's 'SQL For Smarties: Advanced SQL Programming' was recommended to me.


Posted by: Wince and Nod at February 23, 2004 07:46 PM

Thanks Wince. Right now I'm at the beginner level. My training consisted of about an hour of general explanations, the rest has been all unsupervised OJT.

Yep, lots and lots of Tylenol. LOL

Posted by: Ted at February 26, 2004 07:17 AM
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