March 19, 2004

Long Night

We got home last night after 1am, thanks to a 7 hour stretch at the ER. Everyone's home, everyone's fine. Everyone's still asleep, except for yours truly, who has to hit the pharmacy when it opens in about 45 minutes.

It's going to be a long zombie-like day. Maybe I can get a nap this afternoon.

Beal. It's what's for dinner.

Update: I've slept for a few hours, and Mookie and I are still going to a rocket launch tomorrow. :D Thanks for all the kind words and well-wishes.

Short version: Wife Liz has had a headache on the left side of her head since Saturday last, and it got bad enough yesterday to see the doctor (she doesn't suffer from migraines). Doc found a suspicious mass at the back of Liz's head and sent her to the ER for a CT scan.

Wait. Wait. Wait. See doctor, get CT scan. Wait. Liz has sinus infection on left side (all 4 - my dear overachiever), and the mass is a bundle of muscle that's spasming from the ensuing headache pain. IV with painkillers, then with antibiotic, and handful of prescription slips to take home. And that's the key, she got to go home. Most of the time a trip to the ER for her means automatic admission.

She's doing ok, not great, but ok. The doctor said it'll be a few days before she starts to feel better. With the Fibromyalgia that Liz has, the pain is not an uncommon thing, just the cause is different this time. I've said it before, if it's bad enough that she's complaining about pain, I know it's bad enough that I'd be on my knees begging to die.

Once again, thanks my friends, for your good thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Ted at March 19, 2004 08:15 AM
Category: Family matters

What the everlovin' H*LL happened?! And who do I pray for?!

Rest up, 'yall--and hang in there!


Posted by: Denita TwoDragons at March 19, 2004 09:43 AM

Nice to hear that everyone's fine but...

Mmm. Nice bit of roast beal. Beal and onions...

Posted by: Pixy Misa at March 19, 2004 10:23 AM

Hey, the Caps game wasn't *that* bad :)

I'm glad all is well. Having recently spent massive time in the emergency room myself, I know how scary and frustrating that can be.

Posted by: Victor at March 19, 2004 10:51 AM

From my emergency room experiences it would be 6 hour 45 minutes of waiting and 15 minutes of medical attention.

I'm glad to hear that all is well. Hope you get that nap.

Posted by: Stephen Macklin at March 19, 2004 02:35 PM

What?!?! I want a full account! Hang in there, my friend!

Posted by: Dawn at March 19, 2004 04:10 PM

Yes, as an officially sanctioned busybody, I need details!

Seriously, do get well soon, or be well, or be more well. And if they gave you pain pills, be very well indeed.

Posted by: Scott at March 19, 2004 04:49 PM

I hope she gets better soon! Sinus infections are the pits.

Posted by: Tink at March 19, 2004 08:28 PM

Oh bless her heart, I didn't know she had fibromyalgia...I'll definitely keep her in my prayers, both for her current headache nastiness AND her continued strength in dealing with her muscle pains.

In a sense, I'm a kindred spirit with you, Ted. Only it's my mother, and she has malignant brain tumors. It's amazing, the amount of pain she shrugs off. She walks around everyday, going on with her life, with a continual migraine headache that would leave most people insensate and unable to function.

I could only hope to have a tenth of the strength that good women like my mother and your wife have.


Posted by: Denita TwoDragons at March 20, 2004 10:21 AM

I hope your wife is feeling better these days.

Posted by: Cindy at March 24, 2004 08:28 AM
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