May 02, 2004

BattlePark Rocket Launch Pictures

A few photos taken at yesterday's launch (in the extended entry, and click-to-view for the bandwidth impaired).

Here is a picture of the Super Stretch Ninja. We'd given her up for lost after everyone lost sight of her on the way up.

Super Stretch Ninja

Here are a couple of people prepping rockets. On the left is the guy who found our Super Stretch Ninja. He was looking for the yellow rocket he's holding here, but never located it. In the background is a rocketeer readying a large chute for folding. He successfully flew a two-stage scale model of the Bumper-WAC, which was basically the US version of a V2 with a small sounding rocket attached to the nose.

Rocketeers at work

These next two photos show an actual Arcas sounding rocket. This particular round was the upper stage of a flight from Wallops Island, Virginia, and reached 120,000 feet carrying a scientific payload. She was presented to an Atlantic Research Corporation engineer upon his retirement. Unlike the models we fly, it's all metal. This round was recently used as a mold to create a beautiful full-size fiberglass kit that includes every detail.

Arcas 1
Arcas 2

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