May 07, 2004

Paperback Wisdom

Nic offered up this link: online Pulp Fiction Greeting Cards. Too cool!

Snippets from the covers of dimestore novels.

"Shock trooper in the battle of the sexes!" -- Lust for a Green Beret

"Chuck Merrick, private eye, and the girl with the .32 gun and the 36" chest." -- Girl In A Jam

"A novel of temptation - and primitive passions" and
"She was his property: to keep, to beat, to use." -- Cracker Girl

"Trapped on a planet of peril, he dared challenge its monster ruler" -- An Earth Man on Venus

"High-voltage sex and spying" -- I Was A Teeny-Bopper For The CIA

"She was as tough as the hoods she worked with - until she met a man who made her feel like a woman" -- Syndicate Girl

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