May 10, 2004

Rocketing Around the Blogosphere

I've been working on this as time allowed over the last few days, so if you find some of these links are a little... old, they're not, they're nicely aged like a fine wine. Yeah, that's it.

Fellow Munuvian Linda of Auteriffic has an interesting discussion going on about porn. If youíve read Rocket Jones for any length of time, you know I peruse the naughty bits on occasion, and then cheerfully pass it along to you. Thatís not what Linda is doing, sheís looking at it from a more intellectual standpoint, and the discussion is excellent. Go check it out.

P.S. For anyone expecting to find my input there, itís not. Iíve got some things to say, but havenít really had a chance to sit back and sort it out in my mind. This is a subject where itís all too easy to lose sight of your original point, and I donít want to do that. Maybe this week, if not then Iím afraid itíll be too late to toss my two cents in.

Over at Say Uncle, Thibodeaux passes on a link and a joke. The excerpt from the linked story is priceless!

Iíve heard of LittleTinyLies before, but there are only so many hours I can waste at work spend surfing the Ďnet, so Iíd never visited.

Big mistake on my part. This guy is on a BBQ binge lately, and some of his posts are so mouth-wateringly wonderful itís damn near pornographic [another porn reference - what gives?]. Ignore some of the unholy abominations he experiments with (donut lasagne?) and stick with the 'dead beasts on fire' recipes. Yum!!!

Annika has probably already seen this (and frightened co-workers as she suddenly burst into laughter throughout the day at the mere thought of), but she seldom misses an opportunity to slam the American Skankwoman. So just in case she missed it, here's Britney Spears in her natural state, courtesy of Wizbang!

Do you love Scrappleface? Are you a regular Onion reader? Have you tried Broken Newz yet?

Thank J-Walk Blog for this link to 40 years of Astounding/Analog covers. I read Analog faithfully for years from the early 70ís, and was introduced to war gaming thanks to a little ad inside one of their issues. What was that company again... SSI - Strategic Simulations, Inc? I need to google that up.

He also linked to the Read Print library, with thousands of online books. This is going to be fun to go through.

Loren at Civilization Calls links to this interesting phenomena in Africa - fairy circles - that as far as anyone can tell, may actually be created by fairies.

Yet another Munuvian, Rae, talks about her Mother's Day weekend and teaching her kids life lessons about work and money. We've tried to do the same with our kids, and I think we've been successful. Mookie bought her own PC with babysitting money (she was tired of having the old hand-me-down machine), and oldest daughter Robyn bought her own first car. They've learned that saving money and working towards your goals is worthwhile, because you tend to appreciate what you have more when you earn it.

Speaking of Mookie (aka Rachael), her internet connection has been shut down for a couple of weeks. When we had new windows installed in the house, the old cable was removed and we've run two new lines into the upstairs. Unfortunately, the new cable we dropped into her bedroom isn't working, so one evening this week I've got to head back up into the attic and we'll try the second cable run and hope that one works. She's been making do with scrounging time on Mom's PC.

Short. Sweet. Absolutely true. Thanks for the laugh, John.

Bigwig at Silflay Hraka posts the latest "Not the Prudie" advice column link, and it's a keeper. My favorite bit:

A ballroom dancer who's a great listener, puts other people first, and seeks advice from his women friends. I'm not saying you're gay, but everyone else is.

I miss Dear Dottie. Is she still writing for the Weekly World News?

Dustbury remains one of my favorite daily stops. Here he opens a discussion about President Bush's policies. I get involved. Head on over and point and laugh at your host (that would be me) being shredded intellectually (I anticipate this last bit).

Update: Maybe I'm not an idiot. People seem to be agreeing with me, which probably means they're talking about me behind my back. That's ok too, it's better for my self-esteem. :)

All right, if I wait much longer to post this links might start expiring. Enjoy.

Posted by Ted at May 10, 2004 08:14 PM | TrackBack

Yep, Dottie is still writing for the Weekly World News. This week she's brilliant in telling someone how to handle those women at the grocery store who wait until everything is rung up before taking their purse of their freakin' shoulder, much less have their wallet open.

Posted by: Victor at May 11, 2004 07:53 AM

The wargaming ad was probably for SPI (Simulations Publications Inc). Jim Dunnigan was a chief contributor, and his Strategy Page is still a good resource. SPI got eaten by TSR, who got eaten by WoC, who got eaten by Hasbro...

Not to be confused with SSI, the makers of various computer wargames (since eaten by Ubisoft), or SSG, an Australian maker of various award-winning computer wargames (and whose name came first).

Another Australian computer wargame (as opposed to game) maker is Panther Games. Their new 'Highway to the Reich' game is the most revolutionary thing to happen to simulations since the hex grid. As a simulation, it's not perfect, just the best in existence. As a game - a matter of taste. But go read the reviews.

Disclaimer : I had something to do with the development of it.

Posted by: Alan E Brain at May 11, 2004 11:04 AM

Yes! SPI!!!! They used to do little quickie-games of obscure battles too, as introductory pieces. IIRC I had one of theirs which was space warfare on the strategic scale, where travelling between the systems took months... it's been a long time since I've thought about some of these. I feel another nostalgia post coming on. :)

Posted by: Ted at May 11, 2004 02:41 PM

Thanks for the ping. A lot of people have asked for some time with it, which is why I keep bumping it. I'm really pleased with the responses I've gotten. I wish I could have been at that forum they held in CA; which the post was based upon.

Posted by: Linda at May 11, 2004 04:39 PM

I remember Little Tiny Lies. He had hit my cat's page a few times. I could tell he really was skeeved out by it. ;)

Posted by: Dawn at May 11, 2004 10:34 PM
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