June 25, 2004

This is a test, this is only a test

As promised, we conducted an emergency test of the Remote NogWatch System. Here's the original no-notice alert sent to my good friend and occasional commenter Anonymous Kyle:

This is a test of the Remote Nog Watch Network. Please check on the nog when you get a chance and let me know the status. No hurry, no pressure, but millions of interested blog readers are sitting on the edge of their seats and gnawing their nails, wondering if this will work.


Associate NogWarden Dan responded almost immediately to let me know that a report would be forthcoming. Sounds official, doesn't it?

Soon enough for government work, NogWarden Kyle reported back:

The Nog Stands Alone. Tell everyone that they can stop chewing thier toenails. Maybe our friend in the fridge could start it's own NogBlog.

NogBlog. The very idea is frighteningly (now there's a word to win some bar bets with) dull, although I like the name a lot. Consider it copyrighted or patented or whatever, you intellectual property criminals, it belongs to m-... uh, Anonymous Kyle.

So yeah, the Remote NogWatch System is a success. And I learned a couple of things: first, friends are important when you want to get things done, and second, it takes some real work to suck as bad as Bill.

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