July 07, 2004

Rocketing Around the Blogosphere

This time around, my fancy has been caught largely by technology posts, which isn’t unprecedented I suppose.

First stop is Murdoc Online, with his look at Great Lake water levels and a splash of cold perspective to those who need it. Good story, great ending.

Al talks about what I’ve always suspected about pilots. You have to be detail-oriented, level-headed, clear thinking, quick reacting, and have the black soul of DeSade. Quoting Rick Riley:

”I was worried about getting airsick, so the night before the flight I asked Biff if there was something I should eat the next morning.

"Bananas," he said.

"For the potassium?" I asked.

"No," Biff said, "because they taste about the same coming up as they do going down."

And since we’re talking about bodily functions of the output class, here’s a childish joke that I’ve already told my family, friends and anyone else who would listen that I found over at Mostly Fluff:
Guess who just got back together after a bunch of crap?

My buttcheeks.

Try it on a 3rd grader, they’ll treat you like the French treat Jerry Lewis.

Next up – and somehow I got my mojo on because this is flowing incredibly well – here’s a story about a French sculptor who created a piece to honor the Americans at D-Day, and the support she received from other French to keep the project moving forward. Thanks Casey, from The Gantry Launchpad for pointing this one out.

Who likes roller coasters? In our family, roller coasters ranks right up there with cheese and hugs on the list of important things in life. Five years ago we took a family vacation dubbed “Roller Coasters and Rockets”: a week-long rocket launch sandwiched by multiple day stays at two amusement parks. Ooo baby ooo baby ooo (you can quote me if you'd like).

So if you’re like us, you’ll definitely want to stay away from LegoLand in San Diego. Read the sad details over at QandO.

Whack-a-Mole. Smack down an elected idiot. Same concept, courtesy of Stephen at Hold the Mayo. My letter is drafted and goes out tomorrow.

So where’s all the technology posts, eh? Like a centrifuge spinning faster and faster, the weightier subjects all collect at the bottom. Yeah, I know, whatta crock…

Anticipatory Retaliation points the way to a site that shows you how to use your microwave and common household chemicals in the right proportions a nifty little toy to measure the speed of light.

I liked Michael Gross much better in Tremors than in Family Ties.

Bad movie physics. As in bad physics in movies, not physics in bad movies. Check it out and be prepared to howl. Thanks to Transterrestrial Musings for the link.

Remember when I talked about inflatables in space? Perv, I’m talking about this post. Rocket Forge points out that it looks like the Chinese are interested in the technology, and Bigelow has been moving ahead with prototypes.

File this one under 'science fiction': Kim Jong-Il, beloved leader of North Korea, loves golf.

The "Great Leader" routinely shoots three or four holes-in-one per round, the government-controlled media reported.

Take that you running dog capitalist lackeys. Big thanks to Eric of Off Wing Opinion for today's best chuckle.

And finally, just because someone must be last, is a nifty story from AEBrain about Coca Cola and the potential to ruin someone’s day in a National Security kinda way. The proposed solution would never work, it makes too much sense. Look for revised (and obscenely expanded) rules to be published soon.

So that’s it. Bananas and butt cheeks, Michael Gross and inflatables, and of course the obligatory BDSM reference from Bondage Rocket Jones. Have fun.

Posted by Ted at July 7, 2004 04:47 AM | TrackBack

Ha! I knew people would repeat that joke. My husband just rolled his eyes at me when I repeated it to him but we both know he probably told all of his work buddies.

Posted by: Kat at July 8, 2004 05:25 PM

I once knew a guy that advocated drinking Scotch and milk for the same reason as the banana thing. No wait, he claimed it was for the smoothness of the latter part of the drill...

Posted by: Wind Rider at July 9, 2004 07:16 AM

I'd heard of Scotch and milk before, I thought it was a British thing, like Shandy.

Posted by: Ted at July 9, 2004 01:05 PM
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