July 20, 2004

New scam to double my hits

This link is absolutely not safe for work, so you'll have to come back this evening to check it out. And believe you me, it's worth it.

As Wegglywoo says:

thank gaia! someone finally found a way to combine breasts, phonecams, and the web!

That's right, it's Cleavage!

What? You don't visit Wegglywoo? For shame.

[her] head and stomach were in revolt against the alcohol in her system even before we got home, and she complained that i was driving in circles. i told her i knew where i was going, and that i was going quite straight. she explained that she meant vertical circles, like a ferris wheel.

She's witty and wise, and celebrates both Thong Thursday and Tits Out Tuesday. Now how can you argue with that?

As final evidence that she's a classy lady, Rocket Jones is prominently absent from her blogroll.

Posted by Ted at July 20, 2004 04:26 AM | TrackBack

Ted: this is a great find. Thanks.

Posted by: Simon at July 22, 2004 05:35 AM
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