August 14, 2004

Blogger Bowl 2004

The schedule is up, and I see that my very first opponent is the lovely annika.

I should have some sort of special cheer or something here, just for her. Remember high school, when you "Clipped the Cardinals" or "Defused the Bombers" or whatever?

Anyway, I consider her the primary threat in the league right up front, because she actually does research and stuff before the draft. If I can whup her early on, before injuries become a factor, then I'll know the Rockets have good juju.

Her team doesn't really have a name, since she followed instructions (unlike yours truly) and signed up with her blog name.

Spank the annikas Poets?

Posted by Ted at August 14, 2004 04:50 PM | TrackBack

Hey Ted, did you check out the draft results?

Just win babeeeee!

Posted by: annika at August 17, 2004 03:18 AM

i looked at your draft Ted. Thanks for stealing my kicker. i had Vanderjagt ranked high, i thought. Nice job drawing Baltimore's D, too, you big meanie.

But how you gonna beat Clinton Portis? Huh? and as for the WR position, i got two things to say to ya:




Posted by: annika at August 17, 2004 03:41 AM

I realize I'm weighing in on this rather late, & honestly I don't follow team sports enough to give any insight on the particulars, but Ted I do have some advice for you:

"Spank the annikas Poets?"

Pick another verb. That's because A: she might like it rather than be deterred by it B: you will like it & C: everyone not involved in the proposed spanking will be jealous, including the lovely Mrs. Rocketjones.

So maybe whoop the .. no, that won't work.
How about pat the.. nah, ...
Maybe saying the annika/poets suc... er, cross off that one...
Perhaps slap the... no, either one of y'all might be that kinky...
Possibly blow the... nope - on second thought even I ain't touching that one.
Maybe you should just say you think you'll be victorious - no wait, someone will throw in "secret' right after that.

How about just shaking hands & saying you hope the best teams wins? :)

Posted by: Publicola at August 17, 2004 07:55 AM

Forget the cheers. Just have your cheerleaders in short skirts, and we'll just flash 'em some boobies on cue!

Posted by: dawn at August 19, 2004 09:09 PM
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