September 17, 2004

Dodging bullets from Ivan

Hurricane Ivan reached our little corner of the world this afternoon and evening and immediately started raising hell. Literally dozens of tornadoes spawned off and tore through the area, and at one point the weatherman was warning folks to just assume that every cloud rotation on the radar was on the ground.

At least one was referred to as the "Dale City" tornado, which is where we live. It passed within a mile of us, to the east. Liz had the kids ready to go to the basement on her say-so. Me? I was napping on the couch, I assume she would've woke me up too. Then again, maybe she upped my insurance recently without telling me...

Round two of Ivan is almost upon us. Happy happy, joy joy.

Posted by Ted at September 17, 2004 08:08 PM
Category: Square Pegs
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