September 18, 2004

Sidebar stuff - Rocketry Related

Some changes been happening over on the right column the last few whiles. Some new folks added (Yay!), including a section for online rocketry vendors I trust. Look under "Cream of the Crop" and believe me, you can't go wrong with these three guys. Of course there are others I patronize, but these three are tops.

In fact, because I'm such a linking fool, here they are in the main column too:
Pratt Hobbies
Vertical Force Rocketry
Magnum Rockets, Hobbies & More

There's also a new link to the NowHybrids site, which is the place to learn all about hybrid rocket motors. Nitrous, baby! That's right, I pass gas for fun.

Also, it's been there a while, but John Coker's Intro to Rocketry is an outstanding place to become familiar with my hobby. Like I say:

"Smoke, fire, noise - what's not to love?"

Posted by Ted at September 18, 2004 09:03 AM
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