October 15, 2004

Standing Invitation

It's almost time for the fall Battlepark 2004 rocket launch. Held in Culpeper, Virginia, the spring and fall launches are among the largest on the east coast every year.

As always, spectators are welcome (and it's free), and all sizes of rockets will be launched, from fun-sized Estes model rockets all the way up to big-honkin' serious-sized high power birds.

You may recall the spring launch was where the Air Munuviana met its end. This time around, I've got a new type of altimeter bay system I'm developing, along with more of the nitrous-based hybrid motors to fly (and a full 20lb tank - woohoo!). I'm also going to try my hand at a neat one-finned rocket design that I saw at NARAM this summer.

So if you're in the mood for a nice drive in some beautiful countryside, consider heading out to the piedmont of Northern Virginia on the last weekend of October. The launch will be going on both days, the 30th and 31st. I'll be there, look for the red Mazda truck and the red canopy.

Posted by Ted at October 15, 2004 05:53 AM | TrackBack

What time does the shindig start?

Posted by: Catt at October 15, 2004 01:33 PM

10-5 saturday
10-4 sunday

I'm usually there by 9. Check the link, they'll have information about cancellations for weather, and I'll post something here on Rocket Jones immediately if I hear anything.

Last year, it rained so much the week before that the farmer couldn't get the last of his crops in, so we had to cancel.

Posted by: Ted at October 15, 2004 01:48 PM
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