October 22, 2004

Heinie, Hack, Stuffy and Amos

Who? Just four of the guys who played on the last Boston Red Sox team to win a World Series, in 1918.

From the book Babe Ruth and the 1918 Red Sox, by Allan J. Wood:

In 1918, the United States was struggling through the first World War. An epidemic of influenza took the lives of more than 650,000 Americans. Fuel shortages and food rationing were daily facts of life. Against this chaotic backdrop, the Red Sox began their quest for an unprecedented fifth World Series title. And a young Boston player named Babe Ruth began his historic transformation from ace pitcher to the greatest slugger the game has ever known.

This nifty site is a treasure trove of baseball history and links. For instance, this page shows who played where that season for the Beantown Boys. You can click on the player's names too to go to bio pages.

This page links to the box scores for the series (in six games over the Cubs), and here's a chronological list of baseball happenings that year.

Grab a dog and a brew, and enjoy some baseball history.

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