November 03, 2004

Aftermath and aftereffects

Dawn gets it.

You are going to see me get more involved in my political party during the next four years.

That statement is a striking difference to the overwrought handwringing being put forth by the most vocal (and fringe) members of the left. Those making dire declarations of their impending move to Canada and such are nothing more than drama queens who wouldn't be missed because they don't contribute to the process anyway.

Got that? Democratic Process. It's that thing where you make your points, and I make mine, and we discuss and debate and eventually everyone decides together which way we'll do it for a while. But if you choose to quit if you don't get your way, then not only are you contributing to the problem you're bitching about, but you're also telling me that it's your way or no way.

Really. Screw you then. Enjoy Canada. News flash: your viewpoint isn't the only one that counts, and all your whining and name-calling doesn't change that. It's not even all that interesting anymore. And while we're at it, did you ever stop to think that your "one way" worldview is exactly the same as totalitarianism? Probably not, or you might also realize that your worldview is almost certainly not the "one way" that would become mandatory.

Something else: if the reason you voted for your guy is because he wasn't the other guy, then you don't get to be outraged when others fail to see the second coming where you do. Making a choice based on negatives is a perfectly valid way to vote, but that doesn't infer any special qualities on your candidate. This election framed it perfectly: "Anybody But Bush" didn't work, because the "anybody" wasn't someone that most people could vote for.

So work with the system, push and protest and suggest solutions. Spare us all the theatrics and name calling. The system works, and it has for over two hundred years.

Posted by Ted at November 3, 2004 07:15 PM
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Bless you.

And your little dog, too.

Whoops. Channelled Margaret Hamilton there for a moment.

Posted by: Keith at November 3, 2004 08:37 PM


Posted by: KC at November 4, 2004 08:01 AM

I actually did take a liking to Kerry, as I made a drunken attempt to explain on the blog, because he and the Heinzes were heroes to me in Pittsburgh. I truly saw them investing in the community and working with the entitites they funded. They didn't just accept our proposals and write us checks -- they came out and saw what was working and what wasn't and worked with us to ensure that our mission of helping the community was being met. That was a real reason I liked Kerry -- I figured, he's doing such great work on the small-scale, so let's give him a shot on a grander scale.

That's not to say I'm pissed off, particularly at my friends who wrote in votes or who chose not to vote at all and are now wishing that somehow, Kerry would have magically won without their support.

Posted by: dawn at November 4, 2004 10:31 AM
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