December 16, 2004

Like real-life 'Groundhog Day' meets Siskel & Ebert

Most people have a few special movies that they can watch over and over and over again. For me it would be the following:

Father Goose - Cary Grant
Victor Victoria - Robert Preston, Julie Andrews, James Garner
King Ralph - John Goodman
Sahara - James Belushi

Maybe this has been done before, but feel free to post yours and link back, or leave 'em in the comments.

Posted by Ted at December 16, 2004 12:20 PM
Category: Cult Flicks

Wow and here I thought Gene Siskel was dead.

Posted by: Tig at December 16, 2004 06:07 PM

"The Princess Bride" - Carey Elwes, Andre the Giant

"Destry Rides Again" - Jimmy Stewert (The remake "Destry" with Audie Murphy is almost as good)

"Sgt York" - Gary Cooper

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

Posted by: GEBIV at December 16, 2004 07:41 PM

Anything with Joe Don Baker in it.

Posted by: Victor at December 16, 2004 09:03 PM

After The Thin Man - William Powell & Myrna Loy

The 'Burbs - Tom Hanks, Rick Ducommon

Disorganized Crime - Reuben Blades, The Guy Who Played Herman Munster, et al

Better off Dead/One Crazy Summer - Because you HAVE to watch them back to back

Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters II - again, same thing

Raiders of the lost ark/indiana jones and the temple of doom/indiana jones and the last crusade - i'm taking up entirely too much space with this and am becoming too lazy to even capitalize.

Posted by: Derek at December 16, 2004 10:58 PM

You got it Tig, and in the 'Groundhog Day' mythos, he'll still be dead tomorrow. Weird, eh?

Victor, I predicted you'd say that. Ask Mookie.

Ooooh, 'The Burbs'. Excellent choice!

Posted by: Ted at December 17, 2004 07:01 AM

I absolutely believe you, Ted. I admit I'm a little predictable that way.

I should also have mentioned anything directed by Fritz Lang. I'm currently watching "Frau Im Mond" when I take the rats out for playtime. I had no idea it was nearly three hours long!

Posted by: Victor at December 17, 2004 07:24 AM

The Fisher King - Jeff Bridges, Robin Williams, Mercedes Ruehl, in an Oscar-winning performance, and Amanda Plummer.

The "Waltzing Commuter" scene in Grand Central Station is just amazing.

Jack: Where would King Arthur be without Guinevere?
Parry: Happily married, probably.
Jack: Well, that's a bad... that's a bad example.

Posted by: Rob @ L&R at December 17, 2004 08:48 AM

Aaah, movies I've seen so many times I can almost recite the script from start to finish!

JAWS, Back To The Future, Psycho, Vertigo, The Wizard Of Oz, Saving Private Ryan, Key Largo, Blackmail (yeah, I'm Hitchcock fan...), Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, Schinder's List (yeah, I'm a Speilberg fan, too...), Field Of Dreams, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Posted by: Tuning Spork at December 18, 2004 09:10 PM
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