December 23, 2004

A Bad Day

In pictorial format. Click on the links in sequence, they'll open in a new window.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11

Update: Victor points us to the indispensible Snopes, where we discover that the story is not entirely true.

Posted by Ted at December 23, 2004 04:27 AM
Category: Square Pegs


Posted by: Pixy Misa at December 23, 2004 06:13 AM

Ya gotta check out ">Snopes. It's not all true...

Posted by: Victor at December 23, 2004 07:59 AM

Sorry, Ted. Here's the link without all the fancy-shmancy HTML stuff to foul up.


Hey! snopesdotcom is filtered as "questionable content!"

Posted by: Victor at December 23, 2004 08:02 AM

Thanks for that link! It's still funny that the first bit is true, and the story included is a hoot!

Posted by: Ted at December 23, 2004 08:15 AM

That 11th pic is photoshoped or something.This was passed around all of the trucker and model truck groups I belong to on Yahoo.That last pic was never in there.It's still pretty wild though.
If you like that you'll love the pics I have of the tug rolling under the bridge.I'll try to get them to ya if I can find them.

Posted by: Russ at December 23, 2004 02:11 PM

I think I saw the tug pics listed on Snopes Russ.

Posted by: Ted at December 23, 2004 03:04 PM

yeah, the tug pics are listed on Snopes, but IIRC they're verified as *true*

Snopes is my best friend, right behind Nic and my rats.

Posted by: |Victor at December 23, 2004 04:22 PM

Ah. Yeah, as soon as I took a second look at that last picture, I realised it was "off". But I didn't spot it the first time.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at December 24, 2004 02:50 AM
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