January 13, 2005

Because two pretty ladies suggested it

From Dawn, who saw it at LeeAnn's.
Stephen did it as well.

Here's the first sentence of the first post made during each month of 2004, kinda like a Reader's Digest condensed version of Rocket Jones:

The Redskins fired Barney Rubble Steve Spurrier.

I'm awake, and I'm one unhappy camper.

Ultimate Band List is a site with tons of information and links to official band website and fansites.

March 2004 will go down in the family history as one rotten month all around.

Might post more this evening.

I had one of those oddly productive weekends where you look back and say "wow, I got a lot done!"

Since there's been such a hue and cry (translation: nobody asked) about the secret identities of our intrepid NogMeisters, I've decided to give some clues about who they are and what they look like.

Here's your chance to write cheers for the Hot Jets cheerleaders!

A sequel to Clerks is on the way.


I see dead people, and most of them are wearing Cubs uniforms.

As usual, the people hosting BattlePark ran a great event.

Since everyone missed it in the Blogger Bowl post below, here is an explicit link to my newest fans: Rats for Rockets.

So let's see...
May and November referred to rocket launches, August, October and December talked about sports and the fantasy football league, while January combined sports and Redskins-bashing. The nog was mentioned in July, and September was a movie reference. Tack on the link to some interesting place on the net from March and that's not a bad description of this place, eh? Not bad at all.

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