January 26, 2005

Putting the "Illegal" back into "Undocumented Immigrant"

There's a reason the first word of the original phrase is "illegal", although I'd go along with "Illegal Immigrant" as being even more accurate. Either way, here's what happens:

Is it so liberal that governments must pay for those who ignore the law while citizens go without? In California, the money to incarcerate more than 14,000 felonious illegal aliens from Mexico - well over $400 million - would fund the start-up costs of 20 university campuses like the new University of California at Merced, at a time when Americans (including many first-generation Mexican-American citizens) who are eligible for higher education cannot find access or financial support.

I'm not anti-immigration or anti-Mexican. I am stridently anti-illegal-immigration.

Thanks to Mad William Flint for the pointer.

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