March 10, 2005

Star Cards - 3

Someone was kind enough to scan and post a whole heap of Players Cigarette cards. This particular set of 85 cards is of Actresses, and were released during the late 1930's (from clues like "her latest film was...").

I'll post one of these every once in a while, with a couple of simple links to or a bio if I can find one. You might be surpirsed at some of the familiar names you'll see. The category is "Star Cards" (over on the right column), and you can click there at any time to see all that I've posted. Hope you enjoy.

(in the extended entry)

(click on the card for superstar size)


Miss Carroll earned a college degree in order to become a teacher, but soon left that behind to become an actress. She became a star after appearing in two early Alfred Hitchcock thrillers, and during her career she played opposite leading men Gary Cooper, Ronald Colman, Fred MacMurray (five times!), Bob Hope, and Tyrone Power. She became an American citizen in the early 40's, but returned to her native England during WWII to help with relief efforts (her sister was killed during the blitz). She retired from acting after the war.

IMDB filmography and brief bio.

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