April 15, 2005

Then and then

From this American Bosch Arma advertisement (1959):

This nuclear-fueled reconnaissance craft is preparing to land on Mars' outermost satellite, Deimos— 12,500 miles away from the "red planet" (center) and 35 million miles away from the Earth.

Under the ad is the (I assume) title of the illustration: Mars Snooper.

The reason it caught my eye - other than it's a rocket - is that Estes used to produce a rocket kit known as the Mars Snooper, and it's remarkably similar and obviously based on the illustration. Cool.

Posted by Ted at April 15, 2005 11:55 AM
Category: Rocketry

Ted,did you see the two part Snooper article in SR mag a few months ago?

Posted by: Russ at April 16, 2005 05:30 PM
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