May 11, 2005

Sears Resolution

Sears is dead to me. After being bumped up the chain of command at least three times, the latest drone dealt with the pissed-off customer by sending a check. It wasn't for the full amount from our list of damages, but it was close.

It was a shut-them-the-hell-up check, because there was no phone call and no apology. I meant an apology for having to go through this mess in the first place. For all the people I wound up talking to about this situation, only two even bothered to say "I'm sorry", from the rest it was "prove that it's our fault". When I wasn't being patronized I was being treated like a liar and a thief.

Sears will be gone soon. Their corporate attitude has gone to hell and their customer service is a joke. You cannot stay in business with that mindset. I was a longtime customer, my workshop is full of Craftsman tools, my appliances were almost all purchased through Sears. If I needed paint, I'd wait for a sale at Sears.

Never again. Ever.

Posted by Ted at May 11, 2005 05:51 AM
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Yes, Sears will be gone soon. The writing was on the wall when low-life KMART bought them out.

God, how I miss Montgomery Wards (which, by the way, has returned as an internet only vendor at wards dot com)

Posted by: John at May 11, 2005 09:50 AM

I had my own Waterloo with Wards many years ago, which is one reason I was such a loyal Sears customer. You can destroy a lifetime of trust with one stupid action.

Posted by: Ted at May 11, 2005 09:53 AM

Like I said,you should try being their assembly tech.Despite many minor confrontations I never had a reason to really despise Sears until I worked for the one in Arlington.What a bunch of assholes!Just like shit it started at the top and went straight to the bottom.Our experiences with them is what led our company to drop Sears completly.Since they don't sell bikes anymore it wasn't that much skin off anyways.Don't ya just love it when people think they're that important to you?
Anyhow if it wasn't for Craftsman tools I would never have a reason to go there anyhow.I wish I could remember exactly where it was up there that I saw that exclusivly Craftsman tool store at.Now THAT'S a good idea!

Posted by: Russ at May 11, 2005 11:13 AM

I worked for a delivery contractor of Sears a number of years ago. I never really had a problem with them until last year when I had to cancel a purchase (a sizeable one, literally and figuratively - a refrigerator). Man, all of a sudden I was a leper to them. They could've handled things differently and (possibly) salvaged future purchases, but they did not. As such, I'm looking to Lowe's and Home Depot for my appliances now.

Too bad about your "resolution." Fuck Sears!

Posted by: Derek at May 11, 2005 04:01 PM

Derek's comment reminded me that I had a problem with Sears and a refrigerator too (problem in that they didn't deliver it). I had forgotten that I too hate Sears!
I'm doing most of my kitchen through Home Depot now...I've had some Major Attitude from a few "customer service" people (as I'm trying to give them thousands of'd think they could be bothered for that)...but reasonable service from the more technical guys so far.

Posted by: nic at May 11, 2005 05:31 PM

I am having a big-ass beef with UPS myself. Their corporate color is brown for a reason. I have a vibrator shipment that never arrived and they are telling me it is MY fault that they redirected it to Las Vegas. HUH?!?! F'ers.

Posted by: dawn at May 12, 2005 07:33 AM

You have a vibrator shipment!?!?!? How many vibrators do you go thru!?!?!?

Posted by: Victor at May 12, 2005 07:51 AM

Sears is going down the tubes faster than they even know. I had two bad experiences at Sears within the last month and both times customer service (HA HA) just blew me off. Well Sears can kiss my ass because I am done with them forever.

Posted by: frank at July 29, 2005 03:11 PM
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