July 12, 2005

Things I learned on my summer vacation

(inspired by the CheeseMistress)

1. Just because the locals recommend a place to eat, that doesn't mean the food will be any good. Be especially wary if told that the owner is a good friend.

2. At the end of a long day driving, fill up the tank before bed. Sometime overnight, the place up the hill jacked up the cost per gallon by a nickel. I was prepared though, and went to another station that had been much cheaper the day before. They'd upped their prices by a dime.

3. Yahoo puts a little disclaimer at the bottom of their maps, telling you to verify their directions with another source. Believe them.

4. I will forever wonder about the story behind the FMDRP* hanging from a mile marker on the side of the interstate. Someone carefully placed it there... like a trophy.

5. Every Wednesday, all the dancers at the Diamond Club are dressed in schoolgirl uniforms.

6. Much like the country is peppered with towns named Springfield, in some regions you can't swing a dead cat without hitting Lime Kiln Road or Old Quarry Road. So remember, if you need an instant fake address: 13 Lime Kiln Road, Springfield, (any state). Odds are good that such an address actually exists in more than one county and/or state.

*FMDRP = "Fuck Me Dead" Red Pumps

Posted by Ted at July 12, 2005 07:58 AM | TrackBack

I work at a gas station, and you wouldn't believe how many times I've had to give corrections to directions that people have gotten off of mapquest.com.

And almost all of them to the same Sports Bar in Buffalo. (And I'm nearly two towns away from the city...)

As for naming streets around here, we have THREE French and Transit intersections (three different French Rds.) along one 15 mile stretch of Transit Rd.

All that said, we have the best food around!

Posted by: GEBIV at July 12, 2005 10:37 AM
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