September 01, 2005

Soothing Music

From Carlos Santana:

Love is You

Dah-dah-dit-dah-dah. Dit-dah-dit-dah.
Dah-dah-dit-dah-dah. Dit-dah-dit-dah.

Huh? Oh, yeah, it's an instrumental, and it's not any funnier than the first time I tried it.

But it does point up the fact that Rocket Jones needs an audio component. A chance to expand my genius into new mediums.

Or to dilute the stupidity.

Oh goodie. I'm channeling my wife.

update: Hmmm... the link above takes you to the comment left on the post I was linking to, instead of the post itself. I'd tell you to just do a search, but this morning I'm getting the ol' "Forbidden" message on the search function. Tell you what, if you absolutely must see the original post that I tried to link to (you are getting sleepy... sleepy... you must see the original post... you NEED to see the original post...), over on the right column are my archives. Click "April, 2004" and then scroll on down to the 20th. The post is titled "Ripple Fire". Happy now?

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Category: Waxing Lyrical

The search function contracted rabies and I had to shoot it.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at September 2, 2005 04:26 AM
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