September 08, 2005

Defying Classification

Rachael has joined several clubs at her college. Among them are the Pagan Club and the Young Republicans. That oughtta cause a few raised eyebrows.

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Category: Square Pegs

These are, like, the World's Most Serious birthday posts.

Posted by: Victor at September 8, 2005 03:54 PM

So is she a pagan, does she just want to meet pagans, or make fun of pagans, or do pagans have the best parties?

Posted by: nic at September 8, 2005 05:33 PM

In her words, "it just looked interesting".

Posted by: Ted at September 8, 2005 05:52 PM

Pagan ... cool...

Hey when did you get the naked girl riding the rocket logo? That's ultra hot, is that Jen ?


Posted by: Oorgo at September 8, 2005 06:32 PM

Jen is a brunette.

Posted by: Jennifer at September 8, 2005 06:37 PM

Hmm... brunette eh? ... and Ted likes brunettes... hmmm... You read of course, his review of Dr. Horror's Erotic House of Idiots...

Posted by: Oorgo at September 8, 2005 06:42 PM

Speaking of raising eyebrows, I'm with oorg. The new girl is stronger than train smoke baby!

Posted by: shank at September 8, 2005 09:45 PM

I put her up for one day last year. I might leave her up for a couple days this year. She's my birthday girl.

Posted by: Ted at September 8, 2005 11:04 PM

One Tip:
"Skyclad" does not mean suitable attire for launching rockets in, despite the name.

You could have a nasty accident.

Posted by: Zoe Brain at September 10, 2005 09:09 AM

D'oh! I missed her! :(

Posted by: Tuning Spork at September 11, 2005 06:24 PM
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