October 20, 2005

Infinite monkeys on infinite typewriters

Just a few random thoughts...

Yesterday at work I got a new 17" flatscreen LCD monitor, just because I asked for one. I wish it worked that way at home, but then I suppose y'all wouldn't be helping to pay for it.

Canadian visitors can stop snickering now. I figure the Aussies are still mad at me because of yesterday's eHarmony joke.

When making a meat sandwich, try a crank or two of fresh cracked pepper on it. It makes a world of difference.

I'm having a hard time being concerned about bird flu. If it does avalanche into an epidemic, well, that's also called "thinning the herd". And for those who're worried that one group will be more affected than another, well (again), that's the way Mother Nature works.

It's easy to type the above because I'm in a low-risk group.

I'm less than impressed with hockey coverage on the Outdoor Life Network. The other night the New York Rangers played the Montreal Canadiens, a classic matchup. Instead, we got reruns of the 2004 BBQ Championship Tour or some such nonsense.

Congratulations, by the way, to the ladies of Squeal of Approval for their win in the finals. Those ribs looked gooooooood.

Now I want a banana.

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The problem with OLN is that if your cable company doesn't have OLN being delivered to %40 of their subscribers then they don't show the games.

This is apparently what passes for a National Broadcast Partner when your ratings are somewhere south of High School midget tossing.

It doesn't help that OLN is pretty clueless about how to televise hockey. The cameramen spend so much time zoomed in tight on the puck that you can't see any of the rest of the game. Hard to blame the camera guys, though. They're probably just used to filming competative bass fishing.

Posted by: Matt Navarre at October 20, 2005 04:10 PM
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