December 13, 2005

Pigskin Prestidigitation

Not really, but I like the way that title rolls off the tongue.

Playoffs begin this week in the Blogger fantasy football league. Mostly by managing to stay healthy, the Rockets finished the season in second place with an 11-3 record. One loss was to the first place finisher, and two were to the team that ended up in third.

I get a bye in the first round of playoffs (go me!) and then we'll see what happens. My biggest challenge all year has been deciding which pair of middling receivers to play each week, because on any given Sunday some random two of them will have a great game, and as often as not I've left them on the bench.

Celebrating and/or whining forthcoming.

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Good job making the playoffs in fantasy football. I have a website where I offer free weekly fantasy football advice. Feel Free to visit the site at and post comments if you have any questions on who to start this week. Good Luck!

Happy Holidays,


Posted by: DR U at December 19, 2005 11:46 PM
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