May 02, 2006

His name is Fred, and he's a quiet guy

The extended Phipps clan grew by one last weekend with the addition of a new pet.

Meet Fred. He's a Holland Lop.

Fred, the Holland Lop Bunny

Liz kinda surprised us all a few weeks ago when she announced that she's always wanted a rabbit. This was news to everyone, because none of the rest of us can ever remember her mentioning it before. I know that she was born on Easter, whatever that may have to do with it.

But I'm nothing if not agreeable, so I told her to do some research and if she really wanted a bunny, then I didn't have a problem with it. Google is your friend, and we also discovered that there is a "Rabbits for Dummies".

I've learned a bit about the little critters, such as mostly they ain't so little. Fred is a bantam by bunny standards, coming in at around 4 pounds. Also, being a lop, his body structure is very different from the short-eared breeds more common out west where I grew up. When Fred hunkers down, he's shaped like a Volkswagen, whereas the wild jackrabbits I hunted in my youth were more upright and lean, built for speed.

Not to say that Fred is a slowpoke. He's already demonstrated an amazing ability to reverse direction on a dime, leaving our dog Trix wondering what the hell just happened during the chase.

The dogs are fine with Fred. Sam, the oldster, could really care less. Trix has mastered the skill of jumping over the baby gate at will, assuming that the barrier is to keep Fred *in*, not him out. Mostly, they're still getting used to each other, with Trix trying to figure out why the new weird dog doesn't act like one.

About the name. Fred's first known name was Severn, as in "Severn River", which is where he was found as a stray (and how do you know a rabbit is a stray?). When he was taken in by the Bunny Rescue people, he was renamed Fast Freddie for his pinball-like speed. According to the pet psychic, he likes the name Fast Freddie. I hate it, but it's better than anything else we've come up with, so by default his name in our house is becoming plain ol' Fred.

Pet psychic? Oh yeah, the Bunny Rescue people have a pet psychic come in to see the rabbits every once in a while. Fred remembers two Springs, so they figure he's two years old. When the lady told us about the pet psychic, she said "this is going to sound goofy...". You know what? She sounded about as goofy talking about the rabbits as I do talking about rockets. Nothing wrong with being passionate about something.

Fred was neutered and microchipped, so he can be tracked and reunited with us in the event of a natural disaster.

He likes dried papaya, spinich and raisins, besides his normal diet of Purina Rabbit Chow and hay. Rabbits are big hay eaters, which I didn't know. He's also litter box trained.

I think he's happy with his new home. At least he hasn't been bitching, but like I said, he's a quiet guy.

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We had a lop years back, white with black spots. We named him Spot, and would put a leash on him and take him out for a hop. Had all the neighbor kids trying to figure out why the new weird dog didn't act like one.

Posted by: triticale at May 2, 2006 10:33 PM

the quietness can be a sign of depression from being snatched from the wild. if you ask me I'd bring inthat psycho for an ipinion

Posted by: michele at May 3, 2006 08:45 AM

Michele, it's a domestic rabbit. Lops don't occur in the wild. He probably got loose from his previous owners and was lost in the wilderness. He wasn't "snatched", he was rescued.

Fred is adorable! I just wanna moosh my face into his fluffy belly!


Posted by: Denita TwoDragons at May 3, 2006 10:02 AM

LOL Michele, the first thing I thought of when I read your comment was: "great, we've got Travis Bickle living in our house."

The second thought was, "Wow, BICKLE!!! What a great name!!!"

Posted by: Ted at May 3, 2006 10:43 AM

So kyoot! My friend Pratt swears by hay baskets and toys from Busy Bunny ( Congratulations on the new addition!

Posted by: dawn at May 6, 2006 08:11 AM

Cute! Bunnies love Timothy hay. I bet you didn't know there's different kinds! You're lucky he's already litterbox trained. But keep in mind they sometimes forget.

Posted by: mapgirl at May 15, 2006 02:32 PM
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