May 05, 2006

First thoughts on playoff hockey

Tonight was my first chance this year to sit down and watch some playoff hockey games.

Buffalo vs. Ottawa. Ooooh baby, this was some seriously fun hockey. There were three goals scored in the first couple of minutes of the game, and three more in the last minute and a half. Buffalo tied the game at 6 with 10 seconds left, and then won the game just 18 seconds into overtime after a Sens defenseman fanned on a clearing attempt.

Despite the fact that both teams feature powerful offenses, the truth of this game is that both goalies are rookies, and both goalies looked like it. The scoring is fun, but the netminding sucked.

Give the Sabres credit though for hanging in there long enough to steal the game. They had 7 goals on less than 20 shots. The Senators dominated, and if Buffalo doesn't get it together then Ottawa will walk away with the series.

About the commercials... OLN "believes in hockey". It's about f*cking time.

Verizon and their "what should I get Mom for Mother's Day?" commercial: yet another example of advertising that is memorable as designed, but in all the wrong ways. If I have to watch that commercial through the rest of the playoffs, I will never, ever use Verizon.

The second game is on right now: Colorado at Anaheim. At the end of the first period the game is scoreless. The prime thought I have is that the OLN broadcasting team should be working for Verizon. They're that bad. Unfunny jokes. Inane and pointless chatter. I'm about ready to rediscover mime hockey.

Colorado has been blocking shots like crazy. If I hadn't heard the insane numbers they put up in the first round against Dallas, it would still be notable.

Former Washington Capital Steve Konowalchuk is back for the Avs after missing 62 games with a broken wrist. He's one of the class guys in the league and it's good to see him back.

Every time you use a Verizon phone, an angel bursts into flame.

Posted by Ted at May 5, 2006 10:14 PM | TrackBack
Category: Balls and Ice

I definitely second the Verizon comment! Hate them.

Posted by: dcsportschick at May 6, 2006 05:07 PM

Hey, I never properly thanked your Sharks for knocking off the Preds. The reloaded Milwaukee Admirals are cutting through the Houston Aeros like warm skate blades through butter.

Posted by: Brian J. at May 7, 2006 07:33 PM
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