July 04, 2006

Local Boys Done Good

Every year, our rocketry club NOVAAR does a high power rocketry demonstration at a big 4th of July show at Great Meadow. This is what the club does as payment for the use of the facility all year round. The club loves doing it, the crowd loves the rockets, and the Great Meadow folks love it all.

I don't go. Crowds, traffic, heat. I spend a quiet 4th with the family at home.

Meanwhile, down in Amarillo, Texas, at the annual LDRS launch...

As of today, between Virginia and North Carolina flyers, we have burned over 261,900 Ns of propellant! *

The Phoenix Project was a complete success. 20,000’ flight on a Q13,500.

SpinalTap complete success. 22,011’ on a P9911.

Mike McBurnett showed how to earn his L3 with a near 10,000’ flight on a M1297.

Mike Showalter flew his Patriot Missile on a baby N2400.

Ben Russell flew Ringworm on a N2300.

Ron Rickwald flew the Block 3 Standard Arm on a full O.

Dave Morey and Dave Hash placed 1st and 2nd , respectively, in the Bowling Ball flight duration contest.

Check the ROCKETS magazine [online site] for current photo coverage.

We still have one more day to go!

Needles to say, LDRS is rockin’!!


When you're out to impress the rest of the country, this is the way to do it.

*261,900 Newtons equals 58,877.5 pounds of force. Yowza!

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The LDRS got a nice writeup in the paper here yesterday. It's not exactly "local" news, either, as Amarillo is about halfway to Denver from here in the Dallas area. Looks like great fun.

My second son is really turned on to rocketry right now thanks to a summer school space exploration class. His eyes got a real gleam in them when he said he wanted to make sure the Estes rocket he's building will take a "C" engine.

Unfortunately, we're in a major drought and shooting off rockets in the city is strictly verboten (usually it's easy enough to get a permit to shoot off in a local park). So we'll just stick to launching his vinegar-and-baking soda bottle rocket for now. Maybe we can make a couple with different bottle and nozzle configurations to try and get maximum altitude.

Posted by: JohnL at July 5, 2006 01:06 PM
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