July 21, 2006

Blasphemous Fun

My wife and I were at the supermarket this evening, and as we were loading the groceries into our car, a mini-van passed us.

It was hard to miss the giant lettering across the side and rear windows:

"Glory of God Cleaning Services", along with a phone number.

I looked at Liz and said, "We clean like the devil!"

She said, "We'll scrub the hell out of your house!!!"

I said, "Christ Almighty, that sparkles!!!!!"

We chuckled all the way home.

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Category: Square Pegs

It's the little things :-)

Posted by: Mad William Flint at July 22, 2006 02:36 AM

"No god too large, no god too small!"

Posted by: PittsburghVince at May 18, 2007 11:57 AM



Posted by: 9zp3wypl8 at June 24, 2010 02:28 PM

Click the wrench icon ( upper right), go to settings and change the default search engine provider back to google.

Posted by: Teichmiller at January 18, 2013 12:21 PM
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