September 25, 2006

Low Key, but High Hopes

I haven't seen much buzz about this, but did you realize that Bigelow Aerospace is on the way to establishing a privately funded manned space station by 2010?

Two years after that, expansion will allow for nine space tourists at a time.

The idea is to create a destination, and then let the transportation sort itself out once they have some place to go.

So who are these guys with the big plans? I've talked about them before here and linked to another RocketForge story here. Bigelow Aerospace put up the entire $50,000,000 prize for the next commercial space contest, and one of the requirements is to win by January, 2010. A little added incentive (if you can call fifty million dollars little) to spur those private space companies along.

Again, it's not commonly known, but in July Bigelow launched Genesis I aboard a Russian rocket. Genesis I went into orbit, successfully inflated (remember, balloons in space), and is busy relaying data back to earth. These guys don't just talk the talk, they walk the walk.

Commercial space. It's coming. Soon.

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Oh, that's exciting!

Meanwhile, I hear that NASA is getting really excited about their new 3 1/2" floppy discs with the hard covers. No more messing around with those stupid 5 1/4" REAL floppies.

Go NASA. Show us the way to the stars! Ad Astra Ad Nauseum!


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Posted by: Wendell Bredeweg at April 25, 2012 06:30 AM

Please take a look at the control keys in the manual. It´s not "W" it´s "Arrow up".

Posted by: Totter at January 20, 2013 06:55 PM
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