September 27, 2006

Find Peace, Iva Toguri

Iva Toguri, age 90, passed away yesterday. You've heard of "Tokyo Rose", now read the tragic story of the woman falsely convicted of being an American traitor.

Thank you Q&O for the pointer.

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Category: History

What a sad outcome for what appears to be a wonderful woman. There was a case simliar to this in Canada with Maher Arar where the gov't acted on second-hand incorrect information and handed over one of our citizens to be deported to Syria.

You've probably read about it. The present gov't when they were called the Alliance party were a little too eager to find terrorists in their midst. Of course now they are blaming it on the past gov't, even though they were the ones who provided the "information" and then presurred them to hand Arar over.

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