November 06, 2006

Believe it

This morning on the radio there were two different reports of deer being hit by cars. By coincidence, last night I was watching part of the Blue Collar Comedy show and heard this bit:

You want to hunt deer? Here's my suggestion: take the bullet, slow it down to 55mph and put headlights and a horn on it, and I promise you, the danged deer will jump in front of it.

I think he's on to something.

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Category: Square Pegs

Try driving outbound on 66 and the Toll Road at night.

There are two dead ones on the side of the road that look like some meat-decay time-lapse experiment. It's disgusting. I f there's a number to call to have it removed, I'd probably call it... But the funny thing is there is all this work being done by VDOT right now. You'd think they'd see it and report it to be cleaned up.

Posted by: mapgirl at November 9, 2006 11:01 AM

Try using google, will get a variety of sites to choose from.

Posted by: Barmes at January 18, 2013 01:03 PM
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