April 06, 2007

This Is Hell

9:00 on a friday night, freezing, while I prepare copies of portraits to be printed on printers that are out of ink and out of paper.

A security guard just asked how big my project was... answer? "Self Inflicted 9th Level of Hell."

If I have to look at another portrait I may kill something.... I'm up to 450...

Posted by Mookie at April 6, 2007 08:03 PM | TrackBack

okay i just recently watched the movie Dodgeball with Vince Vaugh (or however you spell his last name) and at the competition, there are two TV broadcasters (if that's what you call them) there's a regular kind of looking guy and then an awesome looking dude that seems a little drunk because he always repeats what the normal guy says, just in different words. okay so i thought this guy was hilarious, so if you could give me some funny things this guy said, i'd be SO grateful. THANKS!.

Posted by: Disanti at January 18, 2013 09:37 AM
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