September 08, 2003

Rocketing around the Blogosphere

Not Quite Tea and Crumpets had the scoop on this story. A perfect example of what happens when firearms are used by law-abiding citizens.

Wind Rider over at Silent Running talks about the difference between journalism and 'professional' journalism. Hint: the sarcasm quotes are because he's talking about the BBC.

John gets asked that question that no man can ever answer correctly.

Tiger redecorates and talks about Texas football. Living in the DC metro area, the Redskins play the Cowboys twice a year, and I hate don't care for either team. I used to say that when those teams played each other, I was rooting for a sniper in the stands. Thanks Malvo for ruining a good joke.

Fixing the State Department. Interesting reading by Steven Den Beste over at USS Clueless, who is anything but.

Choices. What matters vs. what should matter. Read all about it and think, courtesy of Winds of Change.

This guy always has something interesting to read.

Men of Iron, Horses of Steel. These guys have become a daily read.

Laughing Wolf gives a concise brief on the Presidents remarks last night.

I don't agree with a lot of what she says, but she's an interesting read, and her school football team is named the Rockets, so she gets a mention.

Robert touches on many subjects and is always a good read. He's about as calm a rant as you can imagine, while still putting it out there for you.

If you're looking for some of these folks over on the right in my links section, they're not all there. If you check under "Poor Organization Skills" you'll see a category called Links Roster, and they're all there, plus many more. The format is still weirded out, because I rode the short bus to html school.

When you hear about Munuviana and Munuvians, do you hear the roar of the surf shooshing up over white sand beaches, while beautiful women in grass skirts and not much else bring you cold beer and cater to your every whim? Welcome to reality. Susie, Jennifer, Cherry and LeeAnn are liberated women, so we can go get our own damn beer, I'm sure. And Mookie is underage, so don't go there. I also have no desire to see the guys in grass skirts, although I'm sure Collins would enjoy it, as long as he got to wear panty hose like his hero.

Tuning Spork (a Munuvian) has written a great piece of satire (oops, now he's written two!). Funny stuff.

Ever heard of Burning Man? Coyote went. See his pictures, then google on it to learn more. Thanks to Annika for the pointer.

He's been described as an "eclectic cultural cuisinart", and the flea is where I go for something extraordinary. Enjoy.

Over at The Meatriarchy, "A" comes out squarely for the Instapundit camp.

Posted by Ted at September 8, 2003 01:17 AM
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Posted by: Robyn at September 8, 2003 09:05 AM

Happy birthday!

Posted by: Pixy Misa at September 8, 2003 10:29 AM

Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, and also to gloat that I'm younger then you. But not by much.

Posted by: victor at September 8, 2003 04:14 PM

Yeah, Happy Birthday!

(And yes, you can get your own beer...)

Posted by: Cherry at September 8, 2003 04:51 PM
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