September 12, 2003

Home to roost

"If you liked the California energy crisis, then you'll love Kyoto." -- B.F. Skinner

America took a lot of heat for unilaterally deciding not to join in with the Kyoto accords. This was a more honest position than many countries took, because some signatories had no intention of compliance. Others counted on accounting tricks and the closing of already-obsolete factories to achieve their goals.

Others are finding out what the true cost of compliance is (see note below). The choice is clear. Should they continue to implement the policies despite the negative impact, or decide that the burden is just too onerous? If they do decide to scrap Kyoto, a new set of choices presents itself, none of which look very appealing. Will they have the courage to break cleanly from Kyoto, or will they try to let it wither away quietly? Either way, I don't think the environmentalists nor the EU will let anyone back out without raising a stink.

I'm glad we said 'no' right up front. Lumps taken. Moving on.

Thanks to Random Nuclear Strikes for the pointer.

Note: Live from Brussels is on blog*spot, so if the link doesn't work, scroll down to "I Love It When That Happens..."

Posted by Ted at September 12, 2003 12:14 PM
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