September 22, 2003

Rocketing Around the Blogosphere

Good morning everyone! Let's jump right into it, eh?

I’ve been misspelling Kelley’s name now for a while, and she’s been kind enough not to have someone come by and break my kneecaps. Visit her at Suburban Blight, because she’s nice and her Cul-de-sac rocks.

Meanwhile, Kevin at Wizbang! survived Isabel while posting away despite losing power. That's dedication. In addition to that, he's always available to help people like me with technical problems. Check out the new in-line trackback ping-o-rama bling-bling at the end of my posts (those are my words, I'm sure Kevin would know the technical terms). Thanks Susie and Jen for pointing me at this.

Kevin also points to the story of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Honorable men like this are why we are free.

Post-Isabel pictures from Victor and Nic.

What do Wesley Clark and the Magic 8-ball have in common? Rattle their liquid-filled domes, and a random answer pops out. Read all about it at Jockularocracy.

Daniel expands upon the concept of moral relativism, and gets my vote for his entry in the New Blog Showcase. According to that concept, just because the other entrants exist, doesn't mean they're worth a crap, or something like that. I just skimmed the article, because it's full of big words.

Not Quite Tea and Crumpets shows another example of political correctness gone wild. No wonder our education system is all N’d up.

Rocket Man talks about ‘A Formidable Military Force’. Take his little quiz. You’ll learn something. I guarantee it. In case I'm not clear about this, I think this is a must-read. Why must I hint?

This guy is snotty and vicious, which is everything I like in recreational reading.

Megan, meet Tim. Tim, Megan. Two very good bloggers who happen to be devout Christians. Which reminds me of a t-shirt I saw once that said: "Be a Christian. Take a lion to lunch." Hey, I laughed.

Glenn over at Hi. I’m Black! is considering selling t-shirts. Pretty funny stuff, and make sure you read the comments. Unfortunately, when I tried to order one, he said I could never be considered an honorary black. That's why I used 'bling-bling' up above, I'm trying to build my street cred.

Harvey comes awful close to causing me to become curt with him by using a picture of my dog in his war of lies and propaganda. Note that my dog is an innocent bystander. Also note that it takes some doing to make me get curt. Unless you’re Mookie, in which case I can go from zero to “you’re grounded” in seconds.

Sanity’s Edge pointed out this endearing little screed. Thanks Paul! The last line is a classic. "...there's a reason why there are hundreds of statues of Charles Darwin and none of River Phoenix."

I forgot to thank Pixy Misa for his technical expertise. He keeps things running smoothly around Munuviana.

Finally, a quick tour of the weird. Mookie presents us with viking kitties. That's right, she wants to take us to a Gay Bar. This cracks me up every time.

Over at The Cheese Stands Alone, LeeAnn always seems to find the sublime. From the mildly odd to the entertainingly depressed, you owe it to your analyst to go visit.

Stevie, I reminded Mookie to get with you about your PC sounds. If she hasn’t contacted you yet, get ornery with her. I recommend grounding her, it does wonders for her cooperation and attitude.

Speaking of. FREE MOOKIE! Like Susie says, consistancy is for wimps.

Wow. I just realized that I used the following in a single post: moral relativism, Darwin, magic 8-ball, devout Christian, bling-bling, formidable military force, and street cred. Google is gonna turn up some interesting hits in the weeks to come.

Posted by Ted at September 22, 2003 07:35 AM
Category: Links

Can I have a free Mookie too?

Posted by: Pixy Misa at September 22, 2003 11:13 AM

P.S. "Speaking of. FREE MOOKIE!"? I think you left out a quote or something.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at September 22, 2003 11:14 AM

I'm excited to learn that you are giving away free Mookies, I have to make a minimum purchase to earn one?

Posted by: Susie at September 22, 2003 11:38 AM

I've gotten two searches that I know of for "Julia the Naughty Schoolteacher." Heh.

Posted by: Jennifer at September 22, 2003 12:05 PM

Hey, where can I get a t-shirt like that? (I'm already slated to be burned at the stake when I hang a Bush sign in my dorm, as soon as I get it from home -- so I might as well get it for atheism too.)

Posted by: Tim the Michigander at September 23, 2003 12:39 PM

Thanks, mon! Hey, on a golf course fairway in Auburn, Massachusetts in 1974 I ran across a placard commemorating the site of Robert Goddard's first rocket launch. And I wasn't even looking for it! I was playing golf! My buddies didn't understand why I freaked, but there it was.

Posted by: Velcociman at September 23, 2003 10:47 PM
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