September 26, 2003

Rocketing Around the Blogosphere

Short and sweet, you should check the following out:

Shooters Carnival, firearm information without the politics.

Sports Blog. The name says it all.

Despite what the media is telling us, things are going pretty good in Iraq. There's a new effort being put together on the internet called Frontline Voices, which will let the troops actually there tell their stories. Watch for the link, I'll announce it when it officially kicks off.

Chief Wiggles is in Iraq, and an encounter he had with a young child inspired him to begin a toy drive. Read about it and please, if you can, help out.

Completely changing gears here, LeeAnn tells about what it's like to like on Sesame Diablo Street.

The Flea talks about an upcoming Alien vs. Predator movie. In my humble opinion, that's a much better premise than Freddie vs. Jason, but the one I'm really waiting for is Gumby & Pokey vs. Davey & Goliath.

I saw this exhchange over at Caught in the XFire.
Stevie: Stupid damn plastic ass-bitin' chicken-livered monkey-lipped brainless dickless sack 'o poop computer.
To which Pixy helpfully replied: Hey, that's the same model I've got!

Paul is sharing his wisdom on dating. There's pearls there among the laughs.

At Velociworld, we get the rundown on public washroom habits. Very funny stuff, and no, I’m not shaking his hand. He’s got a cool story about Goddard too. That always scores points with me.

Publicola is one of the good guys. I love this bit:

Of course it'd be cool if the producers of Cops & similar shows allowed me to just insert commentary over an episode or two for perspective. Instead of people seeing a police officer frisking a guy for everybody's safety that he/she stopped to ask some questions, you'd see the images along with a quick recitation of the 2nd, 4th & 5th amendments followed by an explanation of why the cop just threw some of the highest ideals of the framers out the window because that's what they taught him/her at the acedemy.

But my dream would be to feature the BATF. Then again a cursory glance would probably make people think they were watching a bad juxtaposition of F-Troop, Hogan's Heroes & 1984.

How can you not love this guy?

Those who don’t learn history are doomed to be California Republicans.

An emergency 911 call can be incredibly stressful. Or stupid, depending on who's making the call.

I keep telling you to go over to Random Nuclear Strikes. Do you listen to me? Now they've got froot-loop trolls entertaining them.

Stupidity of television programming? Surely you jest.

Kate warns of the dangers of rampant random altruism. Hey, it was faith-based. Does that make a difference?

She also offers up a site that will make you burn in hell if you visit. Really, don't go there. If you do, I'll save you a seat.

I saved the coolest for last. Megan points the way to a virtual apartment building, where you can design and add your own place. No excuses now for the virtually homeless, or something like that.

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