October 02, 2003

Immanent boobage

Do some good with that stack of folded Georges, gentlemen.

The second annual Blogger Boobie-thon is underway. Billed as "the charity drive that gives you a little something in return", monetary donations are being accepted for research into breast cancer. Pictorial donations are being posted on the photos page. Yes, it's for real.

Guys, explain to a stripper why she's not getting a tip from you and she just might flash you a freebie for being such a sweetie.

There has been some speculation about 'the picture' that Jennifer sent to me and nobody else. Since this is for a good cause and all...

If you promise you'll go visit and donate, then I'll let you have a peek at some genuine Munuvian erotica.


Posted by Ted at October 2, 2003 07:37 AM
Category: Munuvian Daily Tattler


Posted by: Jennifer at October 2, 2003 02:08 PM
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