October 03, 2003

"Roll us both down a mountain"

"and I'm sure the fat guy'd win, woooh." At least according to Ian Anderson.

Don tells of his favorite bumper sticker, which reminds me of a joke.

A severely overweight big-game hunter hires a skinny little guide to take him into the mountains.

Deep in the mountains, the hunter takes a fall and breaks his leg. While doing first aid, the guide listens to the hunter bitch and moan about his bad luck and how he's going to die there.

Finally the guide has heard enough. "Listen," he says, "last year I shot a 400 pound bear in these mountains and I got it down just fine, so shut up!"

The hunter is impressed and asks the guide how he managed such a feat.

"Four trips," said the guide.

Posted by Ted at October 3, 2003 01:55 PM
Category: Square Pegs

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