October 14, 2003

Rocketing Around the Blogosphere

Jeff at Alphecca talks about lists and who keeps them. I’m firmly in the list-making camp, but only because my memory is so lousy. I’d hate to forget someone on my ‘must bite’ list if I ever get rabies.

Annika shares my shame. They should change the Raiders motto from “Pride and Poise” to “Every time the Raiders play, the baby Jesus cries”.

Navarre is excited about the Army’s new 12 gauge shotgun that mounts under the M4 carbine. Me too! I used to carry the M203 grenade launcher and although it’s comforting to carry a 40mm round full of double-ought buckshot, the M203 was a single shot weapon. Besides, he quotes Army of Darkness, so bonus points in my book!

The Meatriarch gives valid advice to guys taking a leak for urinalysis testing. “Clink” is bad.

Dana writes about this years hot new Christmas toys. My favorite:

"Politically-Correct Crayons - New set of crayons assures that your child will never offend a classmate with their drawings. Crayola has removed any color that, when used to draw a bodily feature, might cause emotional hurt or discomfort to minorities. Out are brown (Latinos), black (African-Americans), red (native Americans), yellow (Asians), orange (Middle Easterners), gray (the elderly), green (Martians), blue (Smurfs), and purple (one-eyed, one-horned, flying people eaters). The boxes of white crayons will sell for the same price as the regular, racist crayons."

Publicola discusses a new California law and its impact. The inability to consider consequences by some lawmakers is truly frightening.

"The law officially defines guns lacking these features as 'unsafe guns.' As a result, nearly every single handgun used by California law enforcement officers will be officially defined as an 'unsafe handgun,' a notion certain to be exploited in lawsuits involving police use of firearms.'
In short, California sheriffs and police chiefs must now choose between issuing mechanically unreliable guns to their officers or issuing guns deemed legally 'unsafe'. "

SilverBlue has posted a hilarious cartoon!

Over at USS Clueless, Den Beste contrasts elections held in America vs most everywhere else. This line cracked me up, but you should read it all:

"We [Americans] have to take candidates as packages, and can't really pick and choose features to create a best-of-breed candidate (i.e. Clinton's charisma combined with Dole's erectile dysfunction)."

Kevin of Wizbang! writes the following about a neat new blog tool:

"Jay Allen's MT Blacklist is a Swiss Army knife for comment and trackback content management as well as a spam killer."

Which is all well and good, but what we need is an American Army knife feature like automatic ‘track down and kill the spammer’.

Did you know that the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. has a stained glass window that includes a piece of moon rock brought back by Apollo 11? I didn’t either, but Chris Hall did. Thanks!

In November, the Discovery Channel will be airing a program called “Rocket Challenge” (I’ll post dates and times when they become available). Well, a grass-roots effort to buy commercial time during the programs to promote hobby rocketry has really taken off (pun intended). The goal was to raise $68,000, and it was done in a matter of weeks. I’m proud to be a rocketeer! Thanks to Rocket Forge and all those who contributed for working hard to promote the hobby.

Blackfive honors fellow blogger Baldilocks for her service to our country. I’d like to add my congratulations and appreciation as well.

Wanna read about a situation where timing is absolutely key? In this case, being a little late to the party is a good thing.

Megan always has intriguing and thought provoking posts.

Jon reports about yet another poll, but this one is interesting in so many ways besides the fact that it was conducted in Baghdad. Get this:

"Almost everyone responded to the pollsters' questions, with some pleading for a chance to give their opinions."

Man, how could we do this to these people?

See what happens when you have a Militia and a Sheriff willing to talk? My God, reasonableness breaks out all over the place!

Remember the story about the German day-care for men who’re out shopping with their wives? Jay of Sophont makes a good point:

"This may not be as silly as it sounds. After all, the last time German men were left without adult supervision, they ended up overrunning Europe."

The Delusional Duck gets a link, just because he’s from Waldorf, Maryland. I lived in Fort Washington long ago, when you took back roads over one-lane bridges through beautiful countryside to get to Waldorf. Now it’s four-lane divided highway through housing developments. Progress can really suck.

Thanks to Velociworld for the pointer, for he has fine taste in unknown celebrities bearing (not baring) impressive chests.

Nic gives with her super secret chili spices. She doesn’t specify, but I bet you could change the character of the chili a bit by using sweet paprika vs the hot stuff. I’m going to have to try her recipe.

Over at Jockularocracy, there’s a pointer to one of those must-have products for today’s world. I can’t wait till it shows up in the ‘As Seen On TV’ store, so I can save on shipping and handling.


Posted by Ted at October 14, 2003 12:21 PM
Category: Links

Hi, Ted. I actually do use sweet paprika in the chili--I started that to get rid of the McCormick paprika that came with the spice racks and to save the "good" paprika (the Hungarian, sweet or hot) for the recipes where paprika is the star. Maybe I'll blog about that someday. I'll be trying your enchiladas and soups, too. Maybe we can publish a cookbook. ;-)

Posted by: nic at October 14, 2003 06:22 PM

Hmmmmm interesting !!!

Posted by: nieruchomosci at May 23, 2004 04:22 PM

Hmmmmm interesting !!!

Posted by: nieruchomosci at May 23, 2004 05:12 PM
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