October 17, 2003

Rocket Jones' Great Random Google Junket

Daniel, who works with dangerous substances and thinks of Spinal Tap (connection? possibly.) grooved four straight fastballs down the middle with:
apodyopsis, hypnerotomachia, callipygian, colpocoquette

Can you tell I stayed up last night to watch the Sox implode?

Also in the on-deck circle, we have:
Susie, who uses way too much pine-tar, chipped in with Protagonist.
Jennifer suggested Horsepower while pulling on her batting glove (make sure the logo shows or you don't get the endorsement check).
Stevie tossed out Pixilated, underhand. The crowd booed.
And StMack confused the umpire by using the word Discursive while delivering the lineup cards.

But wait, there's more!
Victor, who is the one man in this world that Don Zimmer is afraid of, suggested Nomad.
It's such a nice day that Jennifer decided to play two! Wondrous.
Susie is a closet Pirates fan, but her practicallity gets in the way. She turned the double play and gave us Remuneration.
Serenity heard about cricket bats and thought that was a wonderful idea, so she now carries a paooki bat. Her battle cry is Tergiversation!

Batter up!

apodyopsis + hypnerotomachia
Daniel, my friend, you have issues. Cherish them. This combination brings up a whole heap o’ hits (ok, five total) mostly relating to rare words.

The first on the list is this site, containing these gems (among others not related to our words):

apodyopsis (AP-oh-dy-AHP-sis) - the act of mentally undressing someone.
hypnerotomachia (HIP-nur-oh-tuh-MAK-ee-uh) - the struggle between sleep and sexual desire.

I mention in passing that the following does not apply to me, since according to my wife, I have no butt.

callipygian (KAL-i-PIJ-ee-in) - having well-formed buttocks.

Our next stop bills itself as Language and Linguistics Notebook, and there’s some pretty fun and interesting things here. If they’re not fun and interesting to you, it’s because you’re not fully committed to dorkdom.

Third on the list is this, which contains semi-coherent scribblings about balsa wood. Obviously a tree-hugger. The last two sites are just poor imitations of the first two.

Now, Daniel also suggested callipygian and colpocoquette. I mentioned callipygian above, and my alleged lack of same. Here’s what the same site had to say about colpocoquette:

colpocoquette (KAHL-puh-koh-KET) - woman who knows she has an attractive bosom and makes good use of its allure.

I am a gentleman (despite recent evidence) so I won’t say anything. But please feel free to leave your funny remarks in the comments. I’d like to hear them.

Protagonist + horsepower
The first site was a no-page-found. The second was interesting, I think. It’s a review of an album, I think. A passage to illustrate:

From here, the protagonist travels a vast emotional tundra to humility, working through narcissism ("I Felt My Size"), and toward acceptance ("I Felt Your Shape"), even if that involves a (romantic) loss so painful it could drive you to off yourself.

Down the list a ways is this automotive discussion board about the movie ‘Gone In 60 Seconds’ and one of it’s muscle car stars, the ’67 Shelby Mustang. Some beautiful pictures here, besides the gearhead talk.

Wow. Author Mark Leyner’s book Tetherballs of Bougainville from Amazon. Is this a must-read? Judge for yourself (review paraphrased):

Young Leyner-- a fictionalized 13-year-old version of himself --must watch the state of New Jersey execute his PCP-addled father; lose his virginity in a drunken, drugged revel with the comely warden; and write a screenplay about these things, all within the space of a day.

Pixilated + Discursive
A list of abstracts for a Tourism and the Media Conference. Not a complete waste of time to skim through it, but close.

We also find a thesis for the Cultural Studies Postgraduate Program by Daniel Marshall, who examines… aw hell, read it for yourself:

This thesis will examine the deployment of the "boy" as an erotic fiction in twentieth century Western modernity. Using a broadly Foucauldian framework, it will construct a genealogical inquiry into modern cultural intersections between discourses of male homosexuality and paedophilia as centred on constructions of the "boy."

There’s lots more. Lots more. While you read, I’m going to get an aspirin. I’ll take my time, since there’s lots more to read. Actually there isn’t, but it just bludgeons you with scholarly vocabulary and structure, so it seems like there’s more. Lots more.

Another essay. Think they'd be upset to learn that they show up after the homo-boy thesis on Google?

Hey, a blog archive! Here’s his home page.

Nomad + wondrous
Culture. First up is an article about the Nomad theater (in Boulder, Colorado) and their production of "Darwin in the Dreamtime". Skimming the review, it sounds like moonbat feelgood bullshit. But where, you may ask, is the wondrous part? Read on.

Throughout the performance, the wondrous Ash Dargan, Australian didgeridoo master, weaves an entrancing sound score; his occasional appearance onstage as a spirit guide is no less arresting.

Graphic Novels from Japan. Manga. I’ve heard the term, but don’t really know what it is beyond ‘cartoon’. Any help?

Here we have the homepage of His Holiness the Seventeenth Gyalwa Karmapa, who was born on the eighth day of the fifth Tibetan month in the year of the Wood Ox (June 26, 1985 using the Western calendar) in Lhathok, located in the nomad community of Bakor in eastern Tibet.

His father’s name is Karma. Talk about predestination, eh?

Lots and lots of hits about equal pay for everyone, with a few scattered here and there about executive salaries or industry averages. Susie, are we supposed to read something into this? I think it's a plea for help that your beloved Pirates have among the smallest payrolls in baseball. How do you feel about that?

Tergiversation + remuneration
Ahhhh, much better. First up is a blog: Lies, damned lies, and equivocation. Good stuff.

Here’s the first of a few sites about Thomas Paine.

And the Council of Trent was the 19th ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic church, was held at Trent in northern Italy between 1545 and 1563. It marked a major turning point in the efforts of the Catholic church to respond to the challenge of the Protestant Reformation and formed a key part of the Counter-Reformation.

Finally, another blog, but it looks to be a deader. About living in Paris. Actually, it appears to be basically one long bitch about living in Paris, and dealing with Parisians, which Paris would be crawling with by definition. I’ve visited France but not Paris, and it wasn’t pleasant, so I can only assume that the poor blogger finally gave in to despair and jumped out a window. I hope it was a high window, and that he made a huge splat that some Frenchman had to clean up. Just to piss ‘em off.

I’m going to save the following for the next Google Junket.

Stevie: fingerling, curettage, pusillanimous, zucchini

Denita TwoDragons: steatopygian, stentorious, propitious, osteomalacia, tintinnabulation, xeriscape

Heather: griffin, kinesthetic, barnacle

Ooooo, three intelligent ladies together… drift off into standard male fantasy number 4... don't worry, you're all still dressed. I am a gentleman ya know.

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Someone is a naughty boy. And I don't mean you, Ted.

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